Kastom Group has been in the facilities management market since 1998. It made a successful start as a cleaning company and in a short space of time has become one of the leading cleaning companies in the Urals (Russia).  Business diversification gradually led to further extension of the service range offered by the company, and finally it outgrew the limits of being just a cleaning company.

        Cleaning technologies changed into “technologies of integrated facilities management”. For the last few years the company has been offering services in the facilities management sphere.
        During its 19 years of operating KASTOM Group created a sound material and technical base for providing the full range of facility management services: “Kastom” has a construction department, operational service, site improvement, cleaning, waste removal and elimination teams.  The staff number:  700 people. The company is working all over the territory of Russia.

Integrated MF services:

Office & Outdoor Cleaning
Special cleaning (deep carpet cleaning, stone cleaning)
Roof & facade cleaning
Environment management
Waste disposal
Reseption & security services

Technical Maintenance
Building management systems
Power Supply Systems 
General Lighting
Air Processing Systems
Heating/Plumbing Systems
Fire Alarm  Systems
Extinguishing Systems
Drainage Systems

Energy management for commercial buildings

Professional assistance at all stages of planning & construction

Please contact us:

Kastom Group Head office:
Bazhova str. 193, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 343 2617850 

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E-mail: info@kastom.pro

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